Oh my.

Sorry it has been so long since there has been any new content here at FortyOne20. Hopefully, beginning in February, we will have some new content!  I (Lydia) have mostly fallen off of the face of the earth since mid-September, but I’m getting back on my feet again.

I still see a great need for artists to be reaching and be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.



2 Comments to “Return”

  1. Are you going to try and continue your blog? I’ve thought of starting one of my own for the same purpose as yours. There seems to be an abyss today between the church and the arts in many quarters. As an artist trying to straddle the gap it is a constant challenge to exercise a lively orthodox, Biblical faith and stay connected to the art community.

    • Hi, Scott. Lydia Thomas (FortyOne20 Ministries Facilitator) here. While I still post thoughts here occasionally and continue to minister to artists I encounter, I don’t have any plans right now to resurrect it to what it used to be, or even what I originally wanted it to be. If you go back far enough, you’ll probably notice that this particular blog started off as a collective effort, but by the end, it was all me. I wanted this to be an online community of sorts where artists hashed out issues together, and that is not what ended up happening. I do, however, believe there is valuable content here, and that is why I have left it up.

      That being said, there is a GREAT need for a dialogue between artists and the church, and I hope you do start something. I was perhaps just not the person to facilitate the discussion. One of the first artists I connected with via wordpress was Plasso Design ( You might look over his blog for insights as well. Even if I were to continue with this blog in the future, I would encourage you to start a blog of your own like this anyway. As I said, the conversation is MUCH needed.

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