The Many Hats of a Producer

How do the arts translate to “real life” jobs? Because let’s face it, we can’t all earn a living wage doing what we love. Here’s the story of how my being and independent producer opens up some job options.

thoughts about my wilderness journey

In my search for jobs, I will often apply for administrative positions. This is because I know I can perform these jobs, and dare I say, excel in them. However, most employers take one look at my education (a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film) and refuse to look any further. They tell me my qualifications are not what they are looking for in these positions. Never mind that I have actual administrative experience, the fact that I have producing experience seems to disqualify me from these roles like nothing else.

In honor of more rejections to the administrative field than I care to recount, here is why being a producer should increase my value in administrative positions, not decrease it.

Most administrative positions require three things: a high level of organization and efficiency, the ability to communicate effectively with others, and quick-on-your-feet thinking to solve any issues that…

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