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March 30, 2012

Here Goes Something!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

(Proverbs 29:18a).

 During my senior year in college, I read a book called The Fuel and the Flame by Steve Shadrach. While there were a lot of sound principles in this book, the most important thing I gleaned from it was the importance of having a clear life objective and vision, where the vision is what my life would be like completely surrendered to God and the objective is the specific way I surrender to and glorify God. The concept behind life visions and objectives is purposeful and intentional living. As Mr. Shadrach observes, “Without a thought-through, prayed-through, written-down objective for life, you’ll take any road.”

 At FortyOne20 Ministries, we don’t want to take just any road and so we have selected a vision verse from which all of our goals and objectives stem. Isaiah 41:20 says, “That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together that the hand of the LORD has done this.”

 The hand of the LORD has done this.  From this verse, we recognize that any creative merit in art originates in God Himself and that He desires to be glorified in artists, art-observers and art. We are intent on bringing this about in four ways:

 That they may see.  We will encourage people to create and observe art.

That they may know. We will educate people about Biblical and theoretical approaches to art.

That they may consider. We will engage artists and art-observers in purposeful and discerning creation and analysis of art.

That they may understand.  We will help artists and art-observers understand and pursue God’s will for them and their art.

 Finally, we’re in this together.  Artists will network with other artists, art-observers will network with other art-observers, and artists and art-observers will network with each other.

 In keeping with our vision, we have established some goals and objectives for 2012:

 Encourage artists and art observers to develop deeply intimate and personal relationships with God.

  • We will actively promote a personal relationship with God as being the only thing that can bring meaning, worth and fulfillment to an individual and that relationship can only be established through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).
  • We will issue weekly challenges that will provide artists and art observers with questions or action steps related to that week’s addressed topic. These questions and actions steps are purposed to be prayed, thought and journaled about.

 Challenge and equip believers to reach lost artists and art-observers for Jesus Christ.

  • We will cultivate awareness about the condition and importance of lost artists and art-observers through our blog and viral video series.
  • We will address topics that are important and relevant to artists, art-observers and art.
  • We will address these topics artfully.

 Encourage artists and art observers to develop personal relationships with each other.

  • As a team, we will cultivate personal relationships by sharing what God is teaching us on an individual level.
  • As individuals, we will actively seek out opportunities to have meaningful conversations about art with those we come into contact with, sharing about God as we are led by the Holy Spirit.
  • We will be intentional about extroverting our feelings to sense the needs of fellow artists and art-observers and point them to Jesus Christ as the One who meets those needs
  • We will encourage and direct networking

 We are so excited to share what God has been laying on our hearts with you in the coming weeks and months.  He truly is the One behind all of this.

 The topics addressed in this blog are designed to get people thinking. By God’s grace, it is our intention to post a topic once every Thursday and a challenge for you to think or journal about (or maybe do!) that goes along with the topic.  We hope this will be a tool for you in your witness to artists and art observers. For fun, about twice a month we will issue an “artist’s pick” in which one of our contributing artists will choose a piece of art that speaks to them and talk about why.

 If you have questions or comments about any of the topics, you can email us at and we will get back with you. If we get several similar inquiries we may just do a post dedicated to them, so be on the lookout for us.  Abusive, rude or obscene comments will be discarded immediately at the discretion of the Executive Director.

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